Special needs

For passengers requiring special assistance it is necessary to make a request for assistance within 48 hours of departure only to the Carrier Call Center at +355 45 800 100.
For any kind of assistance or for the transport procedures of infants, pregnant women, handicapped or disable passengers, you must contact the Call Center at the time of booking.
We also reiterate that for assistance it is compulsory to present at check-in the form certification (INCAD 1 &2 )) dulycompleted by the passenger's doctor. The Carrier can accept on board only a limited number of wheelchairs in order to ensure punctuality and safety. The Carrier reserves the right to modify the policies and procedures without prior notice.
Lastly, it should be noted that the carriage of passengers with disabilities and of reduced mobility, and blind passengers accompanied by guide dogs, is governed by EEC Regulation 1107/2006,
This legislation provides that the provision of the assistance service is the responsibility of the airport manager and that the carrier is solely tasked with providing the information. Blind passengers accompanied by their guide dogs are accepted on board the flights of the Carrier, subject to the availability of space and provided that the dogs are muzzled and leashed and have health documents and/or a health passport.
It is the duty of the passenger to make sure that the documents are correct and to present them at check-in.
Guide dogs are allowed on board free of charge and are not subject to weight limits.
Please note that some countries have special rules regarding the admission of pets. For detailed information please check terms & conditions of the our airline
In addition to checked luggage, the passenger may bring on board sufficient life-saving and medicinal products (vials/ointments /syringes/tablets/bottles) for the duration of the flight, in compliance with the limitations set down for the transport of liquids and, in any case, for a weight not exceeding 2 Kg. There are no devices on board the aircraft for refrigerating medicines, and the cabin crew cannot administer any medication. The transport of medicines on board the aircraft is subject to presentation of the following documentation:

• a medical certificate, dated no more than 30 days previously, attesting the need, quantity and method of taking and administering the drug; 
• leaflet of the medicinal product; 
• self-certification attesting that the container is anti-shock and anti-spill;
Needles and syringes can be brought on board the aircraft for the treatment of particular medical conditions. However, you must bring a medical certificate specifying the type and purpose of the medicine. The passenger must be able to self-inject during the flight. Our cabin staff is unable to administer any medication, including injections.
Albawings does not undertake the transport of oxygen.
Breathing aids that contain compressed gas or liquid oxygen cannot be takenonboard.
Cardiac pacemakers or other devices, including lithium battery devices, implanted in a person, or radiopharmaceuticals in the body of a person for medical treatment are permitted.
The Carrier does not allow stretchers on any flight.