City of carnivals, gondola and love
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Venice is a city in northeastern Italy and the capital of the Veneto region. It is situated across a group of 118 small islands that are separated by canals and linked by bridges. Venice is one of the most romantic places in earth, where couples on gondolas pass under the many bridges of the city. The unique culture, architecture and style of the city is a “Must See” for every traveler.
Top Attractions
Venice is always filled with travelers, sometimes they even outnumber the locals, but with the beauty of this city, it is only fair. With its gondolas, canals, amazing restaurants, and unforgettable romantic ambiance, Venice is definitely a city for one's bucket list. Waterfront palazzos, palaces, and churches make drifting down the Grand Canal feel like cruising through a painting. To really experience Venice you must go to the opera or to a classical music performance, nibble fresh pasta and pastries, and linger in the exhibit halls of an art gallery. Label lovers will drool over the high-end shopping in Piazza San Marco. The island of San Giorgio has the ultimate views in Venice - looking out over the the Doges Palace and the Grand Canal - and the landmark church, designed in 1555 by Andrea Palladio, is a must-see. Don’t miss the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, this grandiose baroque church is known by the name of the Jesuit Order which ordered its construction in 1715. The Gesuiti boasts an important collection of paintings and tromped l'oeil sculptures. Dominating the entrance to the Grand Canal and known simply as the Salute, Santa Maria della Salute is one of the favorite churches of Venetians and is an icon on the Venice skyline. Ruling the Piazza San Marco with its fairytale facade though be prepared for at least part to be covered for renovation the basilica is the ultimate symbol of Venice's former glory, and the domed interiors are marked by breathtaking intricate mosaics. In Piazza San Marco you can’t miss the Doge's Palace where once dukes, after being elected, stood there and dedicated their lives to the state. Venice was all about shimmering exteriors concealing hard-nosed commercial or administrative activity, and the mainly 15th-century Doge’s Palace mirrors this perfectly.

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