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Beautiful historic towns dot the vast mountainous expanses of the Province of Cuneo. The landscape boasts a huge variety, from lush valleys, vineyards and natural reserves to rolling green hills and imposing snow-capped mountains, which is interrupted only by castles and quaint, tower-studded towns and villages, like the stunning Alba, Saluzzo and the regional capital of Cuneo. Locally produced cheeses, chocolates and especially wines are internationally renowned and sought-after, and the area offers top-notch outdoor adventures, from skiing and trekking to wildlife parks.
Top Attractions
Piazza Galimberti was named after the Italian Resistance hero, Tancredi (Duccio) Galimberti in 1945. On the walls here one can see the tablet with the famous quotes from Galimberti. The square took 50 years to build in its neoclassical style. It is one of the most beautiful places in Italy and also a great source of pride for Cuneo where a number of events takes place each year. It also features as an outdoor market. Torre Civica Cuneo - For a panoramic view of the city of Cuneo and its breathtaking surroundings, there is no better vantage point than from atop the Torre Civica. The tower itself is also a sight to behold, and the main point of reference when exploring the old quarter of town. San Francesco Church -The old church houses the Museo Civico di Cuneo (Civil Museum of Cuneo). Abandoned for a hundred years, the church now preserves a collection of regional art. It has been restored, but still maintains its historic feeling. Limone Piemonte is a municipality of Cuneo which is famous for its skiing activities. It is actually one of the oldest ski areas in Italy. The place became a "ski-station" in 1897 using the old 80 kilometres of trails, when skiing competitions began the history of skiing in Limone. Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime - This park was once the residence of the royal family and a hunting spot during the 19th century. You can go on many excursions in the park. For nature lovers, this place is a must-see. Museo Diocesano San Sebastiano was an abandoned church before it became a museum. After years of restoration, it now houses some of Cuneo's priceless paintings, oil canvasses, relics and some of the old things from the church. The museum also features a bookshop, set up in collaboration with the Library of Stella Maris Cuneo. The San Sebastiano Cafe can also be found inside the museum, a good place to get something to eat while touring this place. Parco Fluviale Gesso e Stura is vast and lush natural park centred around the twin rivers in the area, the Gesso and the Stura di Lanzo. It is an ideal place for hikes, jogs, bike tours, picnics and fresh air. Enjoy the views of the rivers, the mountains in the background and the serenity of the area. If visiting during the winter months, be sure to pay a visit to Frabosa Soprana, located about 25 kilometres southeast of Cuneo. It is one of the region's premier skiing locations. Other attractions in the area include the Caves of Bossea, a 2 kilometre network of spellbinding grottoes.
The local specialties of the Cuneo region include a variety of cheeses and cured meats, truffles from the area around Alba, and mains like gnocchi alla bava and risotto with quail. Discover local flavours and specialties at the wealth of traditional Piedmontese restaurants in Cuneo, and if you feel like something different, try one of the typical Italian or international eateries.

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