Is above all, a city of the sea.
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To Ancona
The city is blessed with a magnificent coastline to the south, with clean and accessible water and unspoilt white beaches. Close by are the beautiful towns of Loreto, Recanati, Jesi and Urbino as well as the rolling hills of the hinterland and the world-famous Grotte di Frasassi.
Top Attractions
The Mole Vanvitelliana was built in 1732 as a shelter, today it is the heart of the city as far as art and culture are concerned. During summer months, it hosts live performances in form of theatre, ballet and concerts. Duomo Di San Ciriaco this medieval cathedral dominates the city and the port from the top of Guasco hill. From here, you also have a breathtaking view of the sea, and do not miss the beautiful sunset. La Loggia Dei Mercanti the construction of this medieval palace was initiated in 1442 to form a meeting place for merchants. The archaeological style has been influenced by several people through a range of various alterations and additions to the building. Roman Amphitheatre was built during the Augustan Age (I century AD) and bears witness to the Roman influence on the city. Grotte di Frasassi, these breathtaking caves were discovered in 1971 and since 1974 tourists are welcome here. There are three different trails with different levels of severity. They are located in Genga, 67 kilometers from Ancona and can be reached by train or car. Urbino, this historical city is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1998. Urbino is known as the “Cradle of the Renaissance" and when you stroll along the narrow pebbled streets you are able to feel the rich history in the walls of the old buildings.
The Marche (or the Marches) region has a rich, varied cuisine that has developed out of poverty and the need to make the most from what little there was. Here you will find many rustic, tasty recipes, often with a fish base. Typical dishes include: brodetto all’Anconetana (a hearty Adriatic fish soup, similar to bouillabaisse) and stoccafisso all’Anconetana (salted cod – Ancona style). Don’t miss stuffed Olives Ascolana Style.
The shopping areas in Ancona include: Corso Mazzini, Corso Garibaldi, Corso Stamira, Piazza Roma, Piazza Erbe and Piazza del Plebiscito. Here you can acquire “Made in Italy” goods of all kinds, from clothes to bags, shoes and jewels. In the same streets and squares there are antiques shops and art galleries. If you look around, you will also find traditional pottery and lace shops.

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