Pets can be carried in the cabin on all flights of the Company under the following conditions:

• Maximum one pet per passenger;
• Maximum two pets per flight;
• Dogs, cats and ferrets are accepted, provided their maximum weight is not over 10 kg, including container.

Transport of pets in the cabin is allowed, provided the payment of a fee according to the following scheme is made:
• 10 Euros per kg in all scheduled international Albawings flights;

The amount paid for the transportation of a pet in the cabin is not refundable. The transport of pets is regulated by Regulation (EC) No. 998/03 with the certification provided by Decision 2004/203/EC (amended by Decision 2004/301/EC).

In the cabin their transport is subject to specific conditions:
• Pets must remain for the entire trip in a kennel that does not exceed the following dimensions: 46 cm long 31 cm wide 25 cm;
• The kennel must allow pets to be comfortable, to be able to turn and lie down. It must be well ventilated, waterproof and solid;
• The container can carry up to 5 animals of the same species, provided that the total weight (including food and the carrier itself) does not exceed 8Kg.

In the event that the above conditions are not met or if the animal disturbs other passengers, the captain of the flight can transfer it in the hold.
The Company reserves the right to refuse the carriage of animals if the above criteria are not followed.
Pets under the age of 3 months, who have not yet received the rabies vaccine cannot travel in Europe.
The Company will not accept transportation of pets in the hold on any of its flights.