"Infant" means passengers who, at the flight date, have not become 2 years old. Infants can travel sitting on the lap of an adult. The Company shall accept only one Infant passenger on board accompanied by one passenger who is at least eighteen years old.

The term "children" refers to passengers who, at the flight date are between 2 and those who must turn 12 years old. The tariff level offers them reductions according to the rules laid down by the fare purchased. For all the flights, passengers under age (including Child and Infant) are accepted only if they carry an individual passport or an equivalent document valid for expatriation and recognized by the country of destination.

For passengers under age (including Child and Infant) traveling with their parents, and if the traveling documents do not show explicitly their relationship, they must submit at check-in a family certificate, which can be requested from the local institutional bodies. Passengers under the age limit (including Child and Infant) traveling with an adult other than a parent or with one of the parents, must submit an authorization, in addition to the above documents, duly signed by both their parents. Such an authorization shall be legalized by the police or by the competent institutional bodies.
Children between 6 and 14 years old may travel unaccompanied as stated by the UMNR (unaccompanied minors) procedure at a maximum of two per flight. UMNR Passengers shall be accepted on board the aircraft of the Company upon payment of the ticket plus an extra fee of: • 50 Euros per flight..

UMNR bookings can only be carried out by contacting the Call Center at +355 (0)45 800100 at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.

Identification and contacts of companion in charge of custody shall be requested at the departure and arrival airports. The attendant at the departure shall wait in the airport until 30 minutes after the actual departure of the flight. The companion must ensure that the child is at the airport with the documents required for identification as well with authorization from legal guardians to travel under the custody of the airline. In case the documents handed in by the passenger are not valid, the Company shall deny boarding and consequent loss of the amount paid for the purchase of the ticket.