Perugia PEG

Also known as Perugia San Francesco d’Assisi Airport and Sant’Egidio Airport.

Where is Perugia Airport?
Perugia Airport is located in the middle of Italy, east of Perugia and west of Assisi. The roads E45 and SS75 are close to the airport, like the city of Assisi. This is a famous pilgrimage site in Italy, most noted for being the birthplace of the holy Saint Francis. There is a wide choice of transport links from the airport to the city of Perugia.
How fare is from Perugia Airport away from the center of Perugia and Assisi?
The distance to the capital of Umbria is 14 kilometers, the distance to Assisi is 16 kilometers. By car, your travel time to both destinations is 25 minutes.
How to get from Perugia Airport to Perugia?
Public transport – Bus (Perugia, Assisi)
Bus transportation (Perugia)
By taxi
Rent a car
Which terminal does Albawings use?

Perugia Airport is a single terminal airport.

Departures and Arrivals:

Our check-in desks open 2 hours before scheduled departure and close 45 minutes before the original scheduled departure time (according to your booking confirmation) unless stated otherwise.

Albawings ticketing office : Umbria International Airport

Phone: +39 0755921400

E- mail: [email protected],

Lost something?

Please contact Perugia Airport Lost & Found office:

Phone: +39 075 592141